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Western North Carolina Hiking Trails


The Western North Carolina Mountains offer a variety of hiking trails many of these hiking trails are also bike trails, horse trails or atv trails. Several of the trails lead to waterfalls; all the hiking trails will allow you to see some of the outdoor beauty of the North Carolina Mountains.

The 506 hiking trails listed here represent 29 North Carolina counties. To view all the outdoor activities each of these Western North Carolina Mountain Counties have to offer, including hiking trails, horse trails, bike trails, atv trails, waterfalls and campgrounds please select the North Carolina link on the left.

  1. Airstrip Trail Transylvania
  2. Albert Mountain Firetower Trail Macon
  3. Apalachia Reservoir Trails Cherokee
  4. Appletree Trail Macon
  5. Armstrong Creek Trail McDowell
  6. Art Loeb Trail, Section 1 Haywood Transylvania
  7. Art Loeb Trail, Section 2 Haywood Transylvania
  8. Art Loeb Trail, Section 3 Transylvania
  9. Art Loeb Trail, Section 4 Transylvania
  10. Art Loeb Spur Transylvania
  11. Auger Hole Trail Transylvania
  12. Backpack Trail Stanly
  13. Backside Trail Gaston
  14. Bad Creek - Fowler Creek Macon
  15. Bad Creek Trail Jackson
  16. Bad Fork Trail McDowell
  17. Bald Knob Ridge Trail Yancey
  18. Bald Springs Trail Clay
  19. Balsam Trail Yancey
  20. Balsam Mountain Trail Swain
  21. Barn Trail Transylvania
  22. Bartram Trail Macon
  23. Bass Lake Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail Watauga
  24. Beacon Heights Trail Avery
  25. Bean Shoals Canal Trail Yadkin
  26. Bear Creek Trail Swain
  27. Bear Pen Gap Trail Jackson
  28. Bear Pen Gap Trail Macon
  29. Bear Pen Trail Buncombe
  30. Bearwallow Falls Trail Transylvania
  31. Bearwallow Valley Trail Transylvania
  32. Betsy Ridge Trail McDowell
  33. Betty Creek Gap Macon
  34. Big Butt Trail Buncombe
  35. Big Butt Trail Yancey
  36. Big Creek Loop Henderson
  37. Big Falls Trail Avery
  38. Big Fork Ridge Trail Haywood
  39. Big Indian Loop Macon
  40. Big Laurel Falls Trail Macon
  41. Big Rock Trail Transylvania
  42. Big Snowbird Graham
  43. Big Stamp to Weatherman Bald Trail Clay
  44. Big Tom Gap Trail Yancey
  45. Black Bottom Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail Watauga
  46. Black Jack Ridge Trail Alleghany 
  47. Black Mountain Crest Trail Yancey
  48. Black Mountain Trail Henderson Transylvania
  49. Blackwell Gap Loop Macon
  50. Blue Ridge Pinnacle Trail McDowell
  51. Bluff Mountain Trail Alleghany
  52. Bluff Ridge Trail Alleghany
  53. Bone Valley Trail Swain
  54. Boogerman Trail Haywood
  55. Boone Fork Trail Avery Watauga
  56. Boundary Trail Henderson
  57. Bradley Creek Henderson Transylvania
  58. Bradley Fork Trail Swain
  59. Briar Bottom Trail Yancey
  60. Bridal Veil Falls Road Transylvania
  61. Bridal Veil Trail Transylvania
  62. Brush Creek Macon
  63. Buck Ridge Road Transylvania
  64. Buck Springs Trail Transylvania
  65. Buckberry Ridge Trail Transylvania
  66. Buckeye Ridge Haywood
  67. Buckhorn Creek Road Transylvania
  68. Buckhorn Gap Trail Transylvania
  69. Buncombe Horse Range Trail White Blaze Section Yancey
  70. Buncombe Horse Range Trail Yancey
  71. Burnt Mountain Trail Transylvania
  72. Burnt Tree Peninsula Trail Clay
  73. Burrell Cove Trail Clay
  74. Caldwell Fork Trail Haywood
  75. Camp Alice Yancey
  76. Camp Creek Trail Avery
  77. Camp Summit Road Transylvania
  78. Campground Connector Buncombe
  79. Campground and Pool Trail Stanly
  80. Campground Spur Trail Alleghany Ashe
  81. Canebrake Trail Transylvania
  82. Caney Bottom Loop Trail Transylvania
  83. Cannon Creek Trail Transylvania
  84. Cantrell Creek Henderson Transylvania
  85. Carolina Hemlock Trail Yancey
  86. Cart Trail Transylvania
  87. Cascade Nature Trail  
  88. Cascade Trail Transylvania
  89. Cataloochee Divide Trail Haywood
  90. Cedar Ridge Trail Alleghany
  91. Cedar Rock Trail Transylvania
  92. Central Loop Trail Clay
  93. Charlies Bunion Trail Swain
  94. Cherry Creek Trail Haywood
  95. Cherry Ridge Trail Haywood
  96. Chestnut Knob Burke
  97. Chestnut Oak Nature Trail Stokes
  98. Chestnut Oak Road Transylvania
  99. Cheoah Trail Graham Swain
  100. Chestoa View Trail Burke
  101. Chinquapin Mountain Macon
  102. Chunky Gal Trail Clay
  103. Clear Creek Loop Macon
  104. Cliffside Loop Macon
  105. Cliffside Vista Nature Trail Macon
  106. Cliffside Vista Trail
  107. Cloudland Trail Mitchell
  108. Clover Trail Clay
  109. Colbert Ridge Trail Yancey
  110. Cold Springs Trail Haywood
  111. Cold Springs Gap Trail Swain
  112. Commissary Trail Yancey
  113. Conservation Road Transylvania
  114. Cook's Wall Stokes
  115. Cooper Creek Trail Swain
  116. Corn Mill Shoals Trail Transylvania Transylvania
  117. Corridor Trail Surry
  118. Cove Creek Loop Transylvania
  119. Covered Bridge Trail Transylvania
  120. Crabtree Falls Loop Trail McDowell Yancey
  121. Craggy Gardens Trail Buncombe
  122. Craggy Pinnacle Trail Buncombe
  123. Crowders Trail Gaston
  124. Cumberland Knob Trail Alleghany
  125. Daniel Ridge Trail Transylvania
  126. Deep Creek Trail Swain
  127. Deep Gap Trail Yancey
  128. Deeplow Gap Trail Swain
  129. Deer Park Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail Watauga
  130. Deerfield Connector Trail Buncombe
  131. Deerfield Loop Trail Buncombe
  132. Devil’s Courthouse Trail Transylvania
  133. Devil's Creek Trail Yancey
  134. Devil's Den Nature Loop Yancey
  135. Dogwood Trail Burke
  136. Douglas Falls Trail Buncombe
  137. Dry Falls Trail Macon
  138. Duggers Creek Trail Burke
  139. Duncan Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail Watauga
  140. East Fork Trail Transylvania
  141. Elk Pen Trail Buncombe
  142. Ellicott Rock Jackson Macon
  143. Explorer Loop Trail Buncombe
  144. Fall Mountain Trail Stanly
  145. Family Camping Trail Gaston
  146. Far Bald Springs Clay
  147. Farlow Gap Trail Transylvania
  148. Farm House Loop Trail Alleghany Ashe
  149. Farmer Top Overlook Trail Cherokee
  150. Farmhouse Trail Henderson
  151. Fawn Lake Loop Transylvania
  152. Fawn Lake Road Transylvania
  153. Fern Nature Trail Alleghany Ashe
  154. Fern Trail Gaston
  155. Figure 8 Trail Watauga
  156. Fire's Creek Rim Trail Clay
  157. Fishing Pier Trail Burke
  158. Flat Creek Trail Swain
  159. Flat Rock Ridge Trail Alleghany
  160. Flat Rock Trail Avery
  161. Flat Rock Trail Henderson
  162. Flat Top Mountain Carriage, Horse & Hiking Trail Watauga
  163. Flatwoods Trail Henderson
  164. Fletcher Creek Henderson
  165. Fodder Stack Trail Alleghany
  166. Foothills Jackson Transylvania
  167. Forest Stroll Rutherford
  168. Fork Ridge Trail Madison
  169. Fork Ridge Trail Swain
  170. Forney Creek Trail Swain
  171. Forney Ridge Trail Swain
  172. Four Seasons Trail Rutherford
  173. Fox Den Loop Trail Burke
  174. Fox Hunters Paradise Trail Alleghany
  175. Fox Trail Burke
  176. Frank Street Transylvania
  177. Frying Pan Mountain Trail Transylvania
  178. Galax Trail Transylvania
  179. Glassmine Falls Trail Buncombe
  180. Glen Falls Macon
  181. Goldmine Loop Trail Swain
  182. Granny Burrell Jackson
  183. Grassy Creek Falls Trail
  184. Grassy Creek Trail
  185. Grassy Dam Trail
  186. Grassy Gap Fire Road Alleghany
  187. Grassy Meadow Trail
  188. Grassy Ridge Trail Surry
  189. Graveyard Fields Loop Trail Transylvania
  190. Graveyard Fields Trail Haywood
  191. Graveyard Ridge Trail Haywood
  192. Green Knob Trail Avery, Watauga, Yancey
  193. Green Ridge Trail Madison
  194. Grindstone Trail Surry
  195. Groundhog Creek Trail Haywood
  196. Group Camping Trail Gaston
  197. Guion Trail Transylvania
  198. Gully Creek Trail Alleghany
  199. Hanging Rock Trail Stokes
  200. Hangover Lead South Trail Graham Swain
  201. Harper Creek Trail Caldwell
  202. Hattaway Mountain Trail Stanly
  203. Hazel Creek Trail Swain
  204. Headquarters Trail Burke
  205. Hemlock Nature Trail Burke
  206. Hemphill Bald-Double Gap Trail Haywood
  207. Hickey Fork Trail Madison
  208. Hickory Branch Trail Macon
  209. Hickory Mountain Loop Transylvania
  210. Hickory Mountain Road
  211. Hickory Trail Alleghany Ashe
  212. Hidden Falls Trail Stokes
  213. Higgins Bald Ground Trail Yancey
  214. High Falls Trail Transylvania
  215. High Point Trail Clay
  216. High Shoals Falls Loop Burke
  217. Hilltop Loop
  218. Holly Road
  219. Hooker Creek Trail
  220. Hooker Falls Road
  221. Hooker Ridge Road
  222. Homesite Road Trail Macon
  223. Homestead Trail Buncombe
  224. Hooker Creek Trail Transylvania
  225. Horne Creek Trail Yadkin
  226. Horse Cove Gap Henderson Transylvania
  227. Horseridge Trail Burke
  228. Hurricane Creek Loop Macon
  229. Huskins Branch Clay
  230. Indian Creek Trail Stokes
  231. Indian Creek Trail Swain
  232. Ingles Field Gap Trail Buncombe
  233. Iron Bridge Loop Macon
  234. Isaac Heath Trail
  235. Ivestor Gap Trail Transylvania
  236. Ivy Bluff Trail Yadkin
  237. Jack Branch Trail Madison
  238. Jim Branch Trail Transylvania
  239. Jenkins Meadow Trail Graham
  240. Joanna Mountain Trail
  241. Joanna Road
  242. John Rock Trail Transylvania
  243. Jomeokee Trail Surry
  244. Jonas Creek Trail Swain
  245. Joyce Kilmer Memorial Trail Graham
  246. Jumpingoff Rocks Trail Ashe Wilkes
  247. Juney Whank Falls Trail Swain
  248. Kanati Fork Trail Swain
  249. Lake Channel Overlook Trail Burke
  250. Lake Dense Trail
  251. Lake Imaging Road
  252. Lake Julia Road
  253. Lake Trail Gaston
  254. Lake View Loop
  255. Lakeshore Trail Swain
  256. Laurel Creek Trail Macon
  257. Laurel Creek Henderson
  1. Laurel Gap Buncombe
  2. Laurel Falls Trail Macon
  3. Laurel Ridge Trail Transylvania
  4. Laurel River Trail Madison
  5. Laurel Trail Stanly
  6. Laurel Trail
  7. Lead Mine Gap Trail McDowell
  8. Ledge Spring Trail Surry
  9. Left Loop Graham
  10. Lewellyn Cove Nature Trail Graham Swain
  11. Linn Cove Viaduct Access Trail Avery
  12. Linville Falls Trail Burke McDowell
  13. Linville Gorge Trail Burke McDowell
  14. Linville River Bridge Trail Burke
  15. Little Andy Trail Buncombe
  16. Little Briery Trail
  17. Little Buck Creek Trail McDowell
  18. Little Cataloochee Trail Haywood
  19. Little Fires Creek Clay
  20. Little Glade Millpond Trail Alleghany
  21. Little Green Loop Jackson
  22. Little Pinnacle Overlook Trail Surry
  23. Little River Trail Transylvania
  24. Little Sam Haywood
  25. Locust Trail
  26. London Bald Trail Macon
  27. Long Bunk Trail Haywood
  28. Long Loop Stanly
  29. Longside Trail Transylvania
  30. Looking Glass Rock Trail Transylvania
  31. Lookout Rock Trail Graham
  32. Loop Trail Swain 
  33. Lost Cove Ridge Trail Yancey
  34. Lost Cove Trail Yancey
  35. Lover's Leap Loop Trail Madison
  36. Lovers Leap-Pump Gap Trail Loop Madison
  37. Lower Cascade Trail Stokes
  38. Lower CCC Burke
  39. Lower Sidehill Trail Buncombe
  40. The Lump Trail Ashe Wilkes
  41. Mackey Mountain Trail McDowell
  42. Malonee Trail Jackson
  43. Massey Branch Fitness Trail Graham Swain
  44. Maze Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail Watauga
  45. McKee Branch Trail Haywood
  46. Meetinghouse Trail Swain
  47. Middle Fork Henderson
  48. Middle Loop Stanly
  49. Micajah Trail
  50. Mill Ridge Bike Trail Madison
  51. Mine Mountain Trail Transylvania
  52. Mingo Falls Trail Swain 
  53. Mingus Circle Trail Swain
  54. Mingus Trail Cherokee
  55. Mooney Falls Trail Macon
  56. Moore Cemetery Road
  57. Moore's Wall Trail Stokes
  58. Morrow Mountain Trail Stanly
  59. Moss Gap Area Jackson Macon
  60. Mount Mitchell Summit Yancey
  61. Mountain Loop Trail Stanly
  62. Mountain Trail Surry
  63. Mouse Branch Graham
  64. Mt. Mitchell Trail Yancey
  65. Mt. Sterling Ridge Trail Haywood
  66. Mullinax Trail Henderson Transylvania
  67. Murphy River Walk Cherokee
  68. Naked Ground Trail Graham
  69. Newberry Trail McDowell
  70. Newton Bald Trail Swain
  71. Noland Creek Trail Swain
  72. Noland Divide Trail Swain
  73. Nooks Trail
  74. North Boundary Road Buncombe
  75. North Flatwood Loop Trail Transylvania
  76. North Slope Trail Transylvania
  77. Nottely River Connector Trail Cherokee
  78. Oak Tree Trail
  79. Old Mount Mitchell Yancey
  80. Overmountain Victory Trail Avery
  81. Palmer Creek Trail Swain
  82. Park Creek Loop Macon
  83. Park Ridge Loop Macon
  84. Panther Creek Trail Graham
  85. Perkins Trail Buncombe
  86. Pilot Cove-Slate Rock Trail Henderson Transylvania
  87. Pine Tree Loop Buncombe
  88. Pine Tree Trail
  89. Pinnacle Trail Gaston
  90. Plantation Trail
  91. Pretty Hollow Gap Trail Haywood
  92. Price Lake Loop Trail Avery Watauga
  93. Pole Road Circle Trail Swain
  94. Poplar Hill Loop
  95. Poplar Trail
  96. Possum Trail Burke
  97. Pott's Memorial Trail Macon
  98. Pounding Mill Trail Madison
  99. Pump Gap Loop Trail Madison
  100. Quarry Trail Stanly
  101. Ramsey Bend North Trail Cherokee
  102. Ramsey Bend South Trail Cherokee
  103. Ramsey Bluff Mountain Bike and Hiking Trail System Cherokee
  104. Ramsey Bluff Trail Cherokee
  105. Ramsey Connector Trail Cherokee
  106. Rattlesnake Lodge Trail Buncombe
  107. Raven Rock Trail Burke
  108. Ray Fisher Place Trail Transylvania
  109. Reasonover Creek Trail Transylvania
  110. Ridgeline Trail Transylvania
  111. Rhododendron Trail Ashe
  112. Rich Mountain Carriage, Horse & Hiking Trail Watauga
  113. Richland Balsam Trail Jackson
  114. Rifle Trail Transylvania
  115. Right Loop Graham
  116. River Bend Trail
  117. River Ridge Loop Trail Madison
  118. Riverside Trail Henderson Transylvania
  119. Roan Mountain Garden Trail Mitchell
  120. Roaring Fork Creek Falls Yancey
  121. Robert Gap Trail Haywood
  122. Robinson Trail Jackson
  123. Rock Creek Bridge Carriage, Horse, & Hiking Trail Watauga
  124. Rock Quarry Road
  125. Rocks Trail Stanly
  126. Rockhouse Creek Clay
  127. Rocktop Trail Gaston
  128. Rocky Ridge Trail Transylvania
  129. Rough Fork Trail Haywood Swain
  130. Roundtop Ridge Trail Madison
  131. Rube Rock Trail Haywood
  132. Rufus Morgan Trail Macon
  133. Running Cedar Trail Alleghany Ashe
  134. SABA Beach Trail Clay
  135. Sandy Cliff Overlook Trail Burke
  136. Sandy Trail
  137. Sassafras Trail Surry
  138. Sawtooth Trail Burke
  139. Scaly Mountain Trail Macon
  140. Scarlet Oak Trail
  141. Schoolhouse Falls Jackson
  142. Setrock Creek Falls Trail Yancey
  143. Sheep Mountain Trail Transylvania
  144. Shelter Rock Trail Transylvania
  145. Shinbone Trail Yancey
  146. Shinny Creek Burke
  147. Shoal Creek Trail Transylvania
  148. Shoal Trail
  149. Short Loop Stanly
  150. Shot Pouch Trail Macon
  151. Short Trail Burke
  152. Shortcut Trail
  153. Shut-In Trail Buncombe
  154. Sidehill Connector Trail Buncombe
  155. Sidehill Trail Buncombe
  156. Silver Run Falls Trail Jackson
  157. Skitty Creek Trail Macon
  158. Skyline-Cliff Trail Loop Rutherford
  159. Slickrock Creek Graham
  160. Small Creek Trail Buncombe
  161. Smokiemont Loop Trail Swain
  162. Sneaking Creek Trail Clay
  163. Snowbird Loop Trail Graham
  164. South Flatwood Trail Transylvania
  165. South Mills River Trail Henderson Transylvania
  166. Spencer Branch Henderson
  167. Spencer's Overlook Trail Madison
  168. Spring Creek Nature Trail Madison
  169. Springhouse Branch Trail Swain
  170. Spruce Mountain Trail Swain
  171. Squirrel Gap Henderson Transylvania
  172. Stair Creek Buncombe
  173. Staire Creek Trail Buncombe
  174. Standing Indian Basin Trails Jackson
  175. Standing Indian Mountain-Deep Gap Trail Clay Macon
  176. Stone Mountain Falls Trail Wilkes
  177. Stone Mountain Loop Trail Alleghany Wilkes
  178. Stone Mountain Trail
  179. Stone Pile Gap Trail Swain
  180. Sugerloaf Mountain Trail Stanly
  181. Summey Cove Trail Transylvania
  182. Summit Trail Alleghany Ashe Wilkes
  183. Sunkota Ridge Trail Swain
  184. Switchback Trail
  185. Table Rock Trail
  186. Tanawha Trail Avery
  187. Tarkiln Branch Road
  188. Thomas Branch Loop Macon
  189. Thomas Cemetery Road
  190. Thomas Divide Trail Swain
  191. Thompson Loop Graham
  192. Three Rivers Trail Stanly
  193. Tompkins Knob Trail Ashe Wilkes
  194. Tower Trail Gaston
  195. Trace Ridge Henderson
  196. Triple Falls Trail
  197. Troy's Den Trail Stokes
  198. Tsali Trails Graham
  199. Triple Falls Trail Transylvania
  200. Trout Lake Hiking & Horse Trail Watauga
  201. Tunnel Bypass Trail Swain
  202. Turkey Knob Road
  203. Turkey Pen Gap Trail Henderson Transylvania
  204. Turnback Trail Gaston
  205. Twin Oaks Trail
  206. Twixt Trail
  207. Unicoi Mountain Horse Trail Cherokee
  208. Upper Cascades Trails Stokes
  209. Upper Corner Rock Trail Buncombe
  210. Upper CCC Burke
  211. Upper Falls Burke
  212. Upper Ridge Trail Clay
  213. Upper Tellico Off-Road Vehicle Area Cherokee
  214. URC Trail
  215. Valley Trail Macon
  216. Van Cliff Loop Trail Madison
  217. Vineyard Gap Trail Henderson Transylvania
  218. Vista Trail
  219. Walker Creek Trail Buncombe
  220. Wasilik Poplar Trail Macon
  221. Waterrock Knob Trail Jackson
  222. Watkins Carriage, Horse & Hiking Trail Watauga
  223. Wayah Bald Lookout Tower Trail Macon
  224. Weatherman Bald to Tusquitee Bald Clay
  225. Welch Ridge Trail Swain
  226. White Oak Trail Madison
  227. White Pine Loop
  228. White Pine Trail Transylvania
  229. Whiteoak Branch Trail Swain
  230. Whiteoak Flats Trail Madison
  231. Whiteside Mountain Trail Jackson
  232. Wilkie Trail
  233. Windows Creek Trail Alleghany
  234. Window Falls Trail Stokes
  235. Wintergreen Falls Trail Transylvania
  236. Wolf Creek Trail Jackson
  237. Wolf Rock Loop Stokes
  238. Wolf Rock Trail Wilkes
  239. Woodland Walk Rutherford
  240. Woodlawn Fitness Trail McDowell
  241. Woods Mountain Trail McDowell
  242. Woods Mountain Trail Yancey
  243. Yadkin Islands Trail Yadkin
  244. Yadkin River Trail Yadkin
  245. Yellow Creek Mountain Trail Graham Swain
  246. Yellow Mountain Trail Jackson Macon
  247. Yellowhammer Gap Trail Graham Swain
  248. Yotee's Run Trail Clay
  249. Young's Ridge Trail McDowell
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