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Virginia Motorcycle Clubs

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Here you will find links and information about the Motorcycle Clubs in Virginia.

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41 Squad
41 Squad would like to introduce ourselves to NOVA. We are a club thats about Respect, Loyalty, Commitment and Integrity. The Squad is about riding and helping our community. We show no disrespect to the other clubs in NoVa.

93 Ridas
93 ridas is an mc organization that gives back to the community. we symbolizes the struggle and thrill of the ride.

#1 Stunnas Motor Sport Club
Four men with a vision brought together like minded motor sport enthusiast with a love and passion for riding. In 2003, George Riddles, Maurice Galloday, James Barron and Deotis Barron created the #1 Stunnas Motor Sport Club in Chicago Il. Now, in 2012, we have grown to over 30 plus chapters across the United States and 1 chapter in Japan. We continue to show growth and a welcoming sense of fam"1"ly togetherness and a love and passion for riding.

Adrenaline Freakz
A laid back club, that likes to do nothing but ride and have fun. We do have officers, We throw serveral bbq's, looking foward to having a few fund raisers. Mainly made up of street bikes but will accept anything with 2 wheels.

Alternative Motorcycle Club
Alternative Motorcycle Club is a National Clean and Sober club comprised of recovering addicts and alcoholics. Our mission is to carry the message of sobriety to those in the biker community and to show that you can still enjoy life sober!

Azraels MC
We are a DOD Contractor and Active Armed Forces formed and based MC with former warriors and select Patriotic Americans, who have the same beliefs in supporting our country and our Allies.
Born in the desert, the 5 founding fathers come from a mix of other MC’s, with backgrounds as contractors for the Department of Defense (D.O.D.), Military and some with both. Azraels MC is NOT a 1% club. Azraels MC is a neutral club, we claim no territory as we are from all over the world. We respect those who respect us & will not be involved in other clubs business.
Azraels MC will support the fight against terrorism at home and abroad as military members, contractors, and Patriotic Americans supporting our fighting forces from the homeland. We will actively support veteran’s rights and the men and women who defend this country on a daily basis.



Blood Tight Ryderz
Our club is a family started motorcycle club started out of the desire to strengthen our already solid family bond between actual family. We accept any riders we feel will represent our organization honorably and with respect. We currently have 14 members as of 6/8/2011.

Blue Collar Riding Club
Motorcycle Riding Club with members in MD, PA, DE, DC, VA, NC . All bikes welcome. No membership fees. Must love to ride.

Boozefighters MC
We are club that likes to, (ride alot not just a weekend rider) get together and have a good time

Brotherhood of Old Bikers Motorcycle Clan
We would like to welcome you to the Official Website of the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers Motorcycle Clan Founding/Mother Chapter. We are a bunch of fellows that are old school. Lets face it were just old. We do, however, try to blend that old school tradition with a 21st century biker lifestyle. 
We originally united as family and friends that ride. We do take our riding very seriously.
We are NOT a 1% club!!! We do not claim any territory, nor are we politically motivated. We do respect all clubs and expect the same in return. Our Mother Chapter is located in Northern California and we currently are expanding.

Brothers In Arms MC
The Brothers-In-Arms Motorcycle Club (BIAMC) is a not-for-profit organization formed in 2002 to support the members of our armed forces, past and present, create a camaraderie between like-minded people from those services, share in our love of motorcycling, and promote charitable causes that benefit our military, past and present. The Brothers-In-Arms M/C is a non-territorial, neutral club.

Buffalo Soldiers
We carry on the Legacy of the original Buffalo Soldiers, that served our country in the military post Civil War and beyond.

Buffalo Soldiers MC, Springs-Denver Chapter
We are an organization of professional men and women that are dedicated to the sport of motorcycle riding and safety. We pay homage to African Americans of the 9th and 10th Calvary who sacrificed their lives so that our country could be what it is today.

Carolina Platinum and Gold M/C
The Carolina Platinum & Gold Ryderz Motorcycle Club of Charlotte, NC consists of Women and Men, who are Mature, intelligent, united and professional. (The people of our club are not married couples, anyone can be a part) We share the interest of families, children's, motorcycles, and respect for others. Our club is not limited to just a person with a motorcycle, but a group of mature people who enjoy giving back to the communities, riding motorcycles, and supporting our children.
Platinum = is the strength that will stand
Gold = is the foundation that holds it together
Carolina Platinum & Gold Ryderz is striving to make a difference in the communities here in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, while being a positive role model. We want to exceed by coming together as a club to assist families and children's that are in need, and working with different organizations, bike clubs, and clubs to do what is necessary to assist the community. Our intent is to promote unity while being a family oriented club with respect for one another and other biker clubs through our riding, charity, and community service. Carolina Platinum & Gold Ryderz will not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.

Chozen Few MC
Chozen Few MC strives to promote civic and social awareness within the motorcycle community. To serve our community in a capacity that benefits the children, the underprivileged, and other Chozen, organizations, and to do so with integrity, pride and fun.

Cruiser Club USA Chapter 08
Cruiser Club USA is a non-profit organization and was created for the purpose of promoting the cruiser motorcycle of all years and makes. We are a family oriented bike club with both men and women riders. Our membership is made up of riders from all walks of life, all sharing in a love of cruisers, for riding, and a respect for other riders. Our goal is to ride safe, ride often, eat well, enjoy fellowship and offer help to any in need along the way.

We are a group of combat veterans who ride together and work hard to help out other veterans. From helping spouses deal with deployments, to raising funds to help toys for tots, we work hard in the states we live to help Veterans and their families.

The Dominions MC
The Dominions MC is a private motorcycle club headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The club's primary goals are community service, disaster recovery, family support and assistance. It is also focused on promoting family values, virtues, professional ethics, morals, and leadership. We host rides, community events, family get togethers, club meetings, and other special events.

Enforcers MC
The Enforcers Motorcycle Club of Maine, INC is a non-profit group of motorcycle enthusiasts. We are made up primarily of Law Enforcement, Military Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and Veterans and other public servants and select civillians who support these groups. We are part of an International Motorcycle Club, The Enforcers, based in Florida. Our goal is simple...Raise funds for local charities and share the brotherhood of a motorcycle club.

Expendables MC
We are comprised of federal, state, and local police, military, fire, EMS and corrections - both current and former - who have served their respective departments honorably. 
We are our Great Nation's sons who have answered the call to duty in a time of tragedy. We are expendable risking our own lives fighting for a greater purpose. To save lives, enforcing laws, and protecting our Country's freedom.

The Fellas Motorcycle Club
The Fellas Motorcycle Club. We are formally and respectfully introducing ourselves to the Northern Virginia Motorcycle Community. We are family oriented and are not a bike type or style specific group. We definitely accept EVERYONE as equal regardless of race, color religion or sex. We are not a 1% club and although we operate out of Woodbridge Virginia we are not claiming a territory or pose any threat to any other club.

Femme Fatales WMC
Femme Fatales WMC is a law abiding, independent WMC founded by two determined women that had a vision in May 2011. Our Sisterhood strives to encourage women to be unique and let each of their individual personalities shine. Our Sisterhood is based on a love of riding, giving back to the community and empowering each other; this is what drives us! We work with many different non-profit organizations. Our main focus is to help support both Women and Children in our local Countries, Cities, and Communities. Our commitment to each other and to the club is strong, forthright, unyielding and can survive the trials and tribulations of life.
Currently there are Femme Fatales WMC Chapters throughout the United States as well as Overseas. With the help and dedication of our sisters we are maintaining steady growth while still focusing on quality, not quantity. All of our sisters ride their own bikes, we are a true Women’s Motorcycle Club. We are looking for strong, independent and highly motivated ladies to potentially become future Femme Fatales WMC Sisters.

Fire And Iron 161 Northern Virginia
Fire and Iron Station 161 Firefighter's MC is made up of Firefighter's either active Full-Time/Career, Paid-On-Call, or Volunteer member of the Fire Service community. In addition to Firefighter's, we welcome Dispatcher's, Inspector's, and Mechanic's, who work in direct support of the Fire Service. 
Fire and Iron Firefighter's MC is a Neutral Club, who claim no territory, and who ride in respect of all other clubs and expect the same in return. 
If you are serious about being in the BEST FIREFIGHTER'S MOTORCYCLE CLUB in the Northern VA area, then contact us! If you are considering starting your own Station, please check out the National Fire and Iron website ( and contact the Regional Officer that covers your State with any questions.

Flying Panther M/C
Free Spirt BIKER CLUB feel free to come spread your wings and ride.

Fremasons Riding Club
The Freemasons Riding Club is an association founded and designed specifically to introduce motorcycling Freemasons to one another. We are comprised entirely of Freemasons with a love for freedom that is only found on two wheels – in the wind. We find our best place working in our communities and supporting various causes and charities, especially while riding with our Brothers. 
Ultimately, we are the same Freemasons that you have known throughout your life and all of history – a fun-loving Brotherhood of charity that is reflected in our works. We are dedicated to promoting good will in our local communities while promoting safe, fun and professional motorcycling.
We are not a gang or 1% club! As Freemasons, each of us strives to be an upright and law abiding member of the community at all times. We are active in our Lodges, dedicated to supporting the Widows and Orphans of our Brethren, and are always mindful to present a good impression of Bikers to the public when riding together.

Get Money Riderz, MC
Get Money Riderz is a group of riderz bond by the love of 2 wheels. Founded in 2007 in Newwark, NJ with a Virginia chapter (2009) now located in Richmond we are a small tightly bonded group of cruiser and sport bike riders. We are a three piece club, Men and Women, with out any racial restrictions, we are not an outlaw club. We do respect and upheld true to our colors, the traditions of the Motorcycle Community and Lifestyle.

Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club Chapter 48
The Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club is a club for military members, civilian employees of the military and their families. All motorcycle types are welcome. We do not prospect. We accept qualified members. The club's intent is for military and military affiliated riders to gather and enjoy motorcycles and riding, to mentor less experienced riders so they will learn and practice safe riding habits and to work with the leadership at military bases and advocate motorcyclists' rights. We are not the safety police nor are we the tools of Command but illegal activities or unsafe acts by our members cannot and will not be tolerated. Chapter 48 serves the military bases in the Hampton Roads, VA area. We do not and will never claim territory.
We Serve, We Ride.

Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club
Guilty Ones Motorcycle Club was established in 1999 by a few close friends that have a passion for riding motorcycles. Since then we have become a well-known and respected club. We are currently expanding Guilty Ones and are always accepting applications from riders. To join this club you need to show respect and complete your prospecting.

In Country (Vietnam) MC
We are a Motorcycle Club (MC) comprised of Vietnam Veterans. All Brothers have earned the Vietnam service ribbon. We are a dinosaur club. When the last member dies - so dies the patch.

Iron Order MC
The Iron Order MC was started by a few hardcore bikers in a garage on July 4, 2004. It is fitting that our club anniversary is celebrated on the same day as our great country's Independence Day since our club is totally independent and beholden to none to follow our own destiny truly free from all other's rules and protocols. These bikers came from different backgrounds and walks of life. They had a desire to share brotherhood and socialize together as a group of men sharing a like mindset with an iron resolve to have a club of their own under no one's control or direction. That is how the IOMC was started and how it is today. This is the heritage of the IOMC. We refuse to be dictated to by anyone as to who we have as members, where we can have chapters, what we can wear, where we can go, or what we can do. We respect all clubs and support those that support us. We are independent and choose to mind our own business. We started that way and we continue that way. We run our club by the very same MC traditions established over 50 years ago by motorcycle clubs. We are not 1%ers.

The Knights of Devotion
We are a 100% Charity riding club that donates our time and services to helping the less fortunate in our community. We will sponsor a few rides a year with all proceeds going to a local charity in need, which everyone is invited to attend even cars/trucks (please no club colors, support clothing is o.k.) We will also be interested in attending as many rides for charity as we can every year, so please feel free to invite us and we will do our best to attend and help out as much as we can if needed. We are NOT a 1% club and show NO disrespect to any other club, we support a good cause for a greater good and enjoy a great ride with good people!

Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl. (LMCI)
LMCI is a proud and distinct organization of active-duty and former U.S. Marines and FMF Corpsmen that stands apart from, yet not against, other motorcycle clubs. Just as the United States Marine Corps supports God, Country and Marine Corps Brotherhood, so too, does the LMCI support God, Country and Marine Corps Brotherhood. Just as the United States Marine Corps stands ready to defend our country and allies against tyranny, so too, does the LMCI stand ready to defend itself against tyranny of any kind. The LMCI is not political and claims no territory. We have no need for reputation building. The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor needs no introduction.We are not interested in joining or interfering with the affairs of others. We desire only to ride our motorcycles in the company of our brothers as free men in this free land, a land for which we and our brothers have fought "In Every Clime and Place" during the past 238 years. Currently, and always, we have brothers in hostile places around this globe defending our rights to choose as we please. We will never seek to infringe upon the rights of anyone and we expect the same courtesy in return.

Los Jefes Locos
The Los Jefes Locos have a long held reputation of having Honor, Courage, and Commitment while serving in the Armed Forces. Our mission is to maintain this status while riding without a cage, and impart to those who follow us the correct method to promote an enduring ability to carry on the Los Jefes Locos tradition. We are a group of submarine Chiefs and are looking for other E7 and above armed force members.

Mad Men
Mad Men is a motorcycle club of bikers who love to ride and socialize. We believe in family, friends and doing the best for our communities. We value Truth, Strength and Honor, we show no disrespect to our fellow bike clubs.

Masonic Riders
The mission of the Masonic Riders Motorcycle Club is to enhance the motorcycle riding experience for the Masonic Family by creating an extended cable-tow network with our Masonic Brothers and Sisters. Hope, Faith, Charity and Biker Love is the cement that bounds us together under the Grand Architect of the Universe and our Fraternal Community while peacefully engaged in motorcycle riding. This network of Brothers and Sisters whom are in the Masonic Family will have the ability to come together for the betterment of our community through charitable contributions and services.

Metal Wolf
New founded "Motorcycle Riding Group". Having no affiliation with any other motorcycle riding groups, clubs, or gangs. In search of the good life and good rides. An inner need to ride the steel horse in search of a peace/serenity the comes with speed and wind against your face. This Wolf Pack is sworn to fun and loyal to none....

New Breed Rydahz
Founded in 2006 by Dirk Diggler, Black Ceaser, Shamik, God Father & Black Bear. We came together to form a motorcycle club not only on the basis of riding but family. We strive to make a difference in inner city communities & promote positivity. We are linked with community organizations such as the Hilliard House, for transitioning women and their families. Our goal is to grow and add to our family to continue to promote our values thru riding HARD!

Purple Heart Riders
We are an all combat wounded Veterans motorcycle association.

Red Knights MC VA Chapter 8
We are a MotorCycle club for members of Firefighters, EMTs our any other fire services. Vol., active, retired etc: we are members and their families who enjoy riding motorcycles.

Red Knights Motorcycle Club VA-12
The Red Knights Motorcycle Club is an International Club of Firefighters and those associated to the Fire Department. The type of motorcycle you ride does not matter and we are not a 1% club. We have chapters all over the US and Canada with this Chapter located in Leesburg, Va, but claim no territory.

Rift MC
RIFT Motorcycle Club, is not an outlaw club. Rift Motorcycle Club is comprised of individuals who have a passion for their bikes. Members share common interests in travel, social interaction, community service and a love for the motorcycle culture. This Club is built on friendship, respect, camaraderie, loyalty and an undying passion to live the RIFT lifestyle; one of strength, independence, leadership and innovation. We show nothing but respect to other clubs and all riders alike. RIFT does not insinuate we have a conflict with others, it just means we will ride all roads, interstates, freeways, and tracks.

Road Riders For Jesus
Membership open to every Christian regardless of race, creed, color, or gender. All makes of bikes welcomed. We believe that this ministry is not only a calling but a blessing from the Holy Spirit. People are usually thrilled to find a group of friends that they can share common interest with. Being able to combine riding and our love for Jesus gives our members a special bond.

Ronin Knights Riding Club
We are a group going back to 1980 though officially a club since 2000. We are composed of Martial Artists who love to train, ride and go camping together. We support local charity runs and Abate of Md and De.

Rough Riders M/C
The Rough Riders Motorcycle Club(TM) is a traditional motorcycle club drawing members from veterans of all wars and dedicated to veterans’ causes and POW/MIA issues and awareness. Our mission is to support all veterans, veteran groups and veteran hospitals.

Shiftn Steel Sport Riderz
A friendly club. We Ride And Ride 4 Real! Very Family oriented. AMA ceritifed riders. Come one come all riders welcome.

Soldiers Cross Motorcycle Club
The Soldiers Cross MC is a law abiding, non-territorial, independent motorcycle club made up of Active Duty Military, Veterans and Patriots of this great country who share a dedication to the biker lifestyle and to our brothers in arms. We mind our own business, support our own club, and support our own communities through charitable services and contributions. Our goal is to enjoy fellowship and brotherhood, and to form a strong bond among members and ride while enjoying the scenery and surroundings that God has created for us. Our members are hard working men who don't take charity or handouts and earn everything we have. We support our military, our vets, their families and those who have heroically served and lost their lives on the battlefield that can no longer protect themselves. If invited by the family we are honored to come and stand the watch to make sure we are the barrier between your Hero that you are laying to rest and protestors of hatred. No family should ever have to experience hatred while they pay their last respects and lay their loved ones who gave all they had to this amazing country to rest. Our club motto "Always Faithful, Always Courageous" comes from both Navy and Marine Corps mottos; "Semper Fidelis and Semper Fortis" the two branches most of our members have gave honorable service too. God bless this club and the United States of America. We are not 1%'ers and don't pretend to be.

Sons of Armageddon MC
We are an independent motorcycle club that Claims No Territory we are 100% lawabidding for us it is all about the fun an brotherhood we are a family club check out our website ""

Sons Of Blackwater Motorcycle Club
We are past and present service member and or contractors coming together and raising hell we ARE A NON TERRITORIAL CLUB.....

Sons of Dominion MC
The Sons of Dominion is a Club that values all bikers and we respect all clubs. We are NOT a 1% club. We are not outlaws. We ARE a club that follows the principles of brotherhood and respect that have been passed down in the motorcycle community over the last 60 years.
We run our club by the same rules and principles of brotherhood that have governed motorcycle clubs in years past. We value the hang around and probationary periods established by clubs the world over. We are not affiliated with any other clubs, nor do we claim any territory, but respect all others as they engage in their own traditions.
If you want to be a part of a community that values Honor, Courage, Loyalty, Faith, and Respect... is Law Abiding... and strongly believes in the brotherhood of bikers, then maybe the Sons of Dominion is a club for you.

Steel Reapers Legion RC
Steel Reapers Legion is a Riding Club, we come from a lot of different walks of life. Some of us have wives or girlfriends and kids. We believe in God and our Country, we will help anyone in need. Just because we wear a REAPER on our backs....WE ARE NOT OUTLAWS.

The Crue MC
We are a 99% motorcycle club, which means we are not 1%ers we are brothers and sisters who love riding,and help those in need
Description the CRUE is a body or a class of people who work at a common activity, generally in a structured or hierarchical organization. is used colloquially to refer to a small, tight-knit group of friends or associates. Also used in reference to the traditional "unit" However, Crue can refer simply to a group of friends.
We respect all clubs ,and do not claim any territory.

Twisters M/C Maryland
The Twisters Motorcycle Club is a club with a membership that consist of Men “MC”, Family and friends that don’t ride “SC” and Lady’s that ride “Diva’s”.
Twisters are black, white, latino, asian, etc...
We believe brotherhood/sisterhood has no color, creed or religion.
We are a make up of all types of bikes… Cruiser, Sportbike, Custom, Harley, Suzuki, Honda, Victory, Yamaha, etc….
We are a motorcycle club whose purpose is to promote and share Brotherhood/Sisterhood and our interest in riding motorcycles.

V-Twin Cruisers M.C. (Tidewater VA Chapter)
We are a family oriented, non territorial club that loves to ride. We support all of our first responders, welcome all bikes and all riders male and female. We are not a 1% club are never will be. We are here to support our community and our state.

Veteran Bikers MC
Veteran Bikers MC is a diverse group of bikers and / or biker enthusiast from across the United States of America. Aside from the love of motorcycles our one commonality is that we are each definitely BORN AGAIN HARD (ABSOLUTE BAD ACEs) in desiring to promote HONOR and RESPECT for our God, Constitution, Country and our Nations Veterans.
VBMC is Not An Outlaw or 1% club. We are Not a Support Club for Any Outlaw Or 1% Club. We do Not negotiate with any domestic terrorist type organizations. VBMC claims No territory. VBMC is Not an association, foundation or riding club. VBMC is an Independent Motorcycle Club (MC) with our own set of rules and protocols. We Do Have And Recruit Veterans And Law Enforcement as Club Members.

Veteran POW-MIA Riders Inc.
We are a riders club of at least 50% veterans from all armed forces trying to raise public awareness of POW's and MIA's that are still out there.

Veterans of Vietnam MC
We are a Vietnam Era Veterans MC. If you are a honorably discharged veteran, please check us out.

Veterans of Vietnam MC America
A club dedicated to helping other vets, and standing up for veterans, and bikers rights.

Viet Nam Vets/Legacy Vets MC
Worldwide club dedicated to POW/MIA and Veterans rights.

War Eagles VMC
War Eagles VMC is a club consisting of military vets and active duty. We are not affiliated with any other clubs. Our goal is to support our military and to spend time riding with our brothers and sisters that have served our country.

WarFighters Motorcycle Club
The WFMC is a Motorcycle Club for law abiding veterans. The founding Brothers formed our Motorcycle Club to support brotherhood, goodwill, unity, and the fellowship of like minded motorcycle riding veterans who served or are serving with honor in our military services.

Warlords MC
Warlords motorcycle club out of Norton Virginia. We ride hard live fast and leave no trails

Warrior Brotherhood VMC
We are a VMC Vet MC. WBVMC is about pride and unity among our Veterans. It is our mission, as a Veterans Motorcycle Club, to focus attention locally, nationally, and internationally on the positive contributions made by Veterans.
When a Veteran does good the newspapers and media rarely identify the person as a Veteran. 
When a Veteran stumbles in life the newspapers and media are quick to identify the person as a Veteran.
We believe our duty and our opportunity to support our fellow Veterans did not end with our military service. So through our actions, our community involvement, and our dedication to this cause, we hope to perpetuate the feeling of pride and belonging among our Warrior Brothers.
We wear the image of our campaign ribbons as the centerpiece of our colors. Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Bosnia, Desert Storm, Kuwait, and Iraq, to name a few. Each ribbon is different, but each one represents the Warrior Brotherhood. We earned those ribbons by serving our nation proudly and honorably. We did not then, and will not now surrender those colors to anyone.
There are those who would seek to hinder our rights as Veterans and Bikers. Through the strength and fortitude of our members, and the righteousness of our cause, the Warrior Brotherhood will ride on.
We are not a 1% MC. We seek no territory. We have no hidden agenda. We have no interest in the business of other Clubs.
We ride for the rights of all Veterans to ride free. We are Veterans helping Veterans.

Xclusive Ryders MC
Xclusive Ryders MC is a motorcycle club that is diversely mixed with individuals from different walks of life that share the same passion for riding motorcycles. We are respectful, honest, and extremely loyal to our fellow riders and communities. We also ride in the support of Motorcycles for the Cure. We are available upon request (given the proper amount of time) to be at functions in numerous places. If you would like for us to be at an event that you are having, check our Calendar to ensure that the date that you are requesting is open and then visit our Contact Us page and fill out the information needed. Our respective PRO will be in contact with you about any functions our club attends.
Keep the rubber side down. Ride hard but ride safe!

Zero 260'z
Currently Looking For Members:
We are a tight knit group of guys that love to ride and Socialize. Age, race, sex, street bike, cruiser.. all are welcome. If you want to be a part of family type group that not only rides for fun but for our community than shoot me an email. Big plus if you are a fan of UFC.. I try to host PPV gatherings as much as possible.

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