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Barefoot Hikers of Connecticut
There is nothing more natural than hiking through nature barefoot. The soles of your feet and toes are wonderful sensory organs and the myriad of feelings from earth, grass, moss, pine-needles, and mud are wonderful. Many could not see hiking any other way.
Hiking Barefoot causes virtually no trail erosion since a bare foot makes much less of an imprint than a booted foot. Bare feet are therefore the environmentally sound choice for hiking.
The Barefoot Hikers are groups of people who enjoy hiking barefoot.

Connecticut Park and Forest Association
Since the first members banded together in 1895 to save Connecticut's forests from runaway fires and excessive timber harvesting, CFPA's singular blend of vision, persistence, and partnership has protected the landscapes whose very names mean Connecticut. Peoples State Forest. Mohawk State Forest. Gillette Castle. Rocky Neck. Sherwood Island. Talcott Mountain. All of these special places were protected through partnership efforts that CFPA catalyzed.
Over the past century, CFPA has been instrumental in the acquisition of more than 100 state parks and forests for public use and enjoyment. Today, CFPA continues to champion the needs of Connecticut's public recreational facilities for the funding, personnel and equipment necessary to maintain and improve these natural treasures.
CFPA's leadership over the years set a national example for successful forest conservation and reversed the damage to Connecticut's natural resources. When the organization began its work, Connecticut was 20% forested: today it is 60% forested. CFPA remains vigilant and involved in the sound management and protection of our land, water and wildlife resources.
In addition to protecting land for public enjoyment, CFPA's visionary leaders established the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System in 1929 which traverses public and private lands throughout Connecticut and is enjoyed by thousands of citizens each year. Today, approximately 825 miles of trails are maintained by hundreds of CFPA volunteers working in cooperation with many public and private landowners.

New Haven Hiking Club
We were founded in 1930. We have 250 members. We have at least 3 activities a week. Both on the weekend and midweek.
We consider our selves the friendly and fun hiking club in Connecticut. We just have fun on the trail.

Voluntown Hikers
The mission of the Voluntown Hikers is to explore local trails in Pachaug Forest and the surrounding area. Thw VH has members who come from Voluntown as well as neighboring communities like Preston, Jewett City, Griswold, and more. The group has different levels of hikers who range from beginner to expert. There are no fees of any kind for membership. All ages welcome. The group meets every Thursday, year round, at 9am in Pachaug forest by the rhododendron trail. The hikes last for approximately an hour and a half. This club is dedicated to appreciating the beauty of nature and experiencing some examples of the wonderful wildlife that resides in the Last Green Valley in Connecticut. Don’t walk alone and risk injury. Come meet some terrific local people, get in shape, and see the natural majesty right in your own backyard.

Wild Earth Adventures
We're a hiking club of over 350 members and offer hikes (ranging in difficulty from easy to strenuous) most Saturdays, Sundays & Wednesdays year-round to the wildest and most beautiful parks and natural areas in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.

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